Grace, Nairobi. Kenya

Thank you Aleksandr and his team for perfect job wih my file for Employye card to czechia. I reached alex by recommendation one of my familiar. it was long journey from recieving work permit untill i get my first work visa to europe and residence on reach. i'm working in auto factory in Prague now as was been mentioned and really grateful invitation4visa groupe


MD Islam, Dhaka Bangladesh

As-salamu alaykum big thanks for geniune work permit from hungary.i had doubts in beggining and i recieved 2 times accomodation documents, but in common recieved my hungary work visa what i did not believe yet. thank you again! inshallah!!  u r brothers heart n doing realy good job

Hungary work visa


i do appreciate all support for approval my Lithuania residence permit from invitation4visa and mister Aleks


Lithuania residence 2 years

Catherine, Kenya

Efficient and trusted service in visa support to chezh republic. my visa was approval. Thanks so much Alex Thanks for helping 

Chech visa approved

Dominique Ruanda

Thank you invitation4visa all pepple for the assist with work visa and all documentation.
Fortunate obtained seasonal visa at Polish Embassy in Rwanda! Keep it up

yours, Dominique

Seasonal Poland work visa

Kamel, Jordan

I got work permit to poland and my work visa..actually long waiting for documents from poland but it was worth it

thank you so mucch!!!

best regards, Kamel


Bacha Ethiopia

Big thanks to all invitation4visa team! My new year eve in Russia after getting tourist visa was pretty great!
Thank you for job and high class service. Booked hotel in Moscow was nice and not far from center. All issues been well sorted  really good work
Bacha, Addis Abeba

Komiljon, Uzbekistan

after submission finally recived hungary work visa. Excellent services and trustworthy at all times

thanks guys

.hungary work visa


Quick responce and good service. delivery and feedback was Ok.after recieving appointment registration and submission with doubts recieved chezh visa!

 Thank you  Highly Recommended!


Chezh work visa

Singh, Dubai

i was doubted it at begining but they are real and genuine. shortly feedback, would highly recommend for anyone wanting get work permit to Poland

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