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Employment in Poland from a construction company for 1 or 3 years.

More Details and cost of work invitation (work permit to Poland) for 1 or 3 years are available here.)

We can provide working invitation (work permits FOR 1 or 3 YEARS) for work visa D to Poland. 

Salary from 4800 zlotyh. Courier charges is separate. Possible to get work permit in Electronic view (PDF files and just print it). Processing time up to 45-60 days via . 

  • 1 year work permit to Poland is 500 euro = (1st payment is 300 euro).
  • 3 years work permit to Poland is 600 euro = (1st payment is 400 euro).


Rest balance + courier charges (when invitation is ready and out).
For get start a process we need scan of passport 1st page and 1st payment (advance payment).


The seasonal short term work permit to Poland from a Polish farmer from 300 euros. The processing time of issuing package of documents is 4-5 days. Work in Poland on a farm. Salary from PLN 4200-4500 zlotyh. Accommodation is provided. More information about the seasonal work invitation to Poland is available here.

Seasonal short term work permit to Poland is 300 euro = (1st payment is 150 euro). 

Order: +380684768399 whatsapp or


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