Seasonal work permit to Czech Republic for 3, 6 or 9 months

Working Opportunities with a Short-Term Work Permit in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic offers a thriving job market and a fascinating cultural backdrop for workers looking to gain international exposure.

With a short-term work permit, you can explore good opportunities and enjoy the enriching experience of living and working in this European country.

Benefits of a Short-Term Work Permit in the Czech Republic: Professional Growth, Networking Opportunities, Cultural Immersion, Personal Development.

Seasonal short term work permit to Chezh Republic for 3 months is 430 euro,  6 months is 480 euro, 9 months is 500 euro.

 - Processing 16-20 days. Sometimes up to 12 days processing time.
 - Job position: harvesting, picking, packing, sorting fruits, berries, vegetables, forestry job.
 - Packing, sorting vegetables, fruits. Job on fields and forestry job.

  -Simple worker in constraction company for men and cleaner for ladies (9 months work permit.)

 - Salary is from 17400 crown. 40 hours per week. Accomodation is provided.
For get start a process we need: scan copy of passport 1st page, address of living in the country of applaying Chezh visa.

1st payment is 50%. Rest balance is after issued work permit and scans as confirmation that job is done.
Courier charges is separate by DHL tarifs.

Begin your journey to a fulfilling seasonal work experience in the Czech Republic today!
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Seasonal Chezh work visa

Chezh seasonal short term work visa

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